WSC Electrical Installations 2

Language: English
Skill: Electrical Installations
Interviewee: Dr. Abdulrazzak M. Al-Nafisi
Mr Adel A. Alnassar (Expert) (Kuwait)

Imagery: Competitor at his working place, sawing plastic, drilling, installing components on a wall, wiring elements, Competitor choosing the right tool, studying technical drafts.

Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical systems in commercial and residential environments. Electricians might work in both indoor and outdoor settings. Electrical equipment and systems may include switchboards, cables, fuses, thermal relays, fault current protection switches, heating, lighting, air conditioning and metering equipment as well as crime and fire alarm systems.

Electrical safety is an important area of Electrical Installers’ work. They must be able to install, maintain and repair equipment so that they are safe to use. They must adhere to safe working practices without endangering themselves or others.

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