FTB Electrical Engine Complete Guide – MindCrack Pack Version 8.1.1 (engine from the forestry mod)

Tubes and Effects (from http://ftbwiki.org/Soldering_Iron):
Copper: Choke, -2 EU/t -1 MJ/t
Tin: Boost I, +7 EU/t +2 MJ/t
Bronze: Boost II, +15 EU/t +4 MJ/t
Iron: Efficiency, -1 EU/t no change in MJ

Best Ratio EU/MJ (1 Iron, 1 Bronze, 2 Tin): 3.4
Max EU/MJ (2 Bronze, 2 Tin): 50EU/14MJ ~3.57 ratio

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Music used: How we live by Machinimasound.com
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