Electrical Installation

A detailed guide to installing electrical wiring from Home Improvement Camp!

Question: Ok, i got my results today from my GCSE’s, i didnt get the grades i needed, would it still be posible for me to get in the college ANY way?

No i dont think you understand

I didnt get the gardes to ENTER the college.

Answer: Most colleges of further education, require that you have at least a “C” in GCSE English, maths and physics and at least an “E” in two other subjects, if you want to do the Level 2 or Level 3 electrical installation course. My colleagues and I work with over a dozen apprentice electricians who obtained these GCSE grades. All of these boys are seriously struggling to do the electrical theory. Testing and inspecting is a complete mystery to them. The LSE fully funds colleges only if the students successfully complete the course. This is why good colleges will not grant entrance to marginal students. Some colleges are prepared to take a punt on weak students and allow them to enrol. Contrary to popular belief, electrical installation courses are not about joining bits of wire together — they are applied maths and physics courses — only smart and hard working boys successfully complete them and become fully qualified electricians. If you are determined to become an electrician, go back to school and try to get “B”s in English, maths and physics. Some of our apprentices tell me that they know boys who cannot decide whether to become electricians or painters. This is a bit like trying to choose between becoming a milk float driver and a space shuttle pilot.

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