What Are The Electrical Code Requirements To Installing A Hot Tub?

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Hi, this is Joshua Peterson with Peterson Electric. We are here in Wheat Ridge, Colorado today. We looked 3 days ago, hot tub were going to hook up. It was rotten out and the died. The motor was toast. Customer needed to put in a hot tub, which they did. I wanted to show you the electrical, which was a follow up we talked about before. Here is our disconnect. This is our disconnect box. Inside here is our GFCI protection now and our 50 amp breaker. How this wired up is that came down from the conduit and it came from over here. Power comes in here and comes out here to the hot tub here and then into our motor control box. That is where the power is set. It is really close. We met the article, where it is not closer than 5 foot to the inside of the hot tub. We also met the code of article about our conduit and our disconnect within site. That is it. Thanks for joining us! That is our hot tub installation from old to new. Hopefully, this is good help for you guys! When installing your tub, if you have an questions give us a call. We will come out and give you an estimate.

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