Walt Disney World’s Main Street Electrical Parade Soundtrack 2010

Main street electrical parade music or soundtrack that was removed from youtube today as the person (Geeker1982) closed his account, so I fixed the abrupt into and re-uploaded it for everyone to enjoy. The opening and closing announcements were from the park itself taken by Martin Smith a few years ago. This soundtrack was used in the main street electrical parade in the return of the electrical parade to the Magic Kingdom in disney world on June 5th 2010, originally, the music was actually used in 2001 for the dreamlights parade in Tokyo Disneyland, and then was used at California Adventure in 2009, and was supposed to be temporarily moved to disney world while they repaired spectromagic. Unfortunately, the spectromagic floats where destroyed, so the parade remains at the Magic Kingdom, until the new light parade is finished. This soundtrack differs greatly from the one used in 1973, and the version used in 1977, which where done with analog synthesizers, and were in two different keys. The 1973 version was in G#, but the 1977 version was actually in between two keys which were G, and G#, the current version is in G and has a small change in the song which I will leave you to figure out.

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