Rosetta Mission Update | Comet 67P — Electrical Sculpting of Surface Dust

For several months now, the Rosetta Mission has followed the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko around the sun. And as we’ve expected, direct observation continues to add one mystery to another. How are we to understand the weird configurations of dust on the comet’s surface?

Watch Update #1: The Rocky Comet
Watch Update #2: Comets May Not Be What We Thought
Watch Update #3: Oops! No Water on Comet 67P?
Watch Update #4: Rubble on 67P Defies Current Comet Theory
Watch Update #5: Jets of Comet 67P — Failed “Explanations” Continue

Executive Producer: Gerald Simonson
Script and Narration: David Talbott
Chief Science Advisor: Wal Thornhill
Animation and Editing: Brian Talbott
Executive Assistant: Susan Schirott
Music: Softsound (Nancy Holt)

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