Father & Son Car Audio Install – GMC Yukon – Electrical Upgrades Big 3 Wiring – Video #4

See all the pics/progress here: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/192946-father-son-project-02-yukon-a-rockford-fosgate-sound-system-install-new-battery-big-3-wiring-etc-11414-ubl-all-pics-no-chat/

Rockford Fosgate/SMD Products etc available here: http://www.wcCarAudio.com

It’s not always the power…it’s the delivery. If you can’t deliver it than it cannot be used. Today we did a fresh XS Power D3400 Battery (and side post adapters) along with some new 1/0 cable. We did the Big three wiring upgrade. What is the big 3? watch the video and see.

Next video the door speakers, amp wiring and finally getting to play it!

Planned equipment so far:

(1) Sony CD / Bluetooth H.U.
(1) Rockford Fosgate P1000.1 (on Lows)
(1) Rockford Fosgate P300.2 (on Highs)
(2) Rockford Fosgate P3 12″ Subwoofers
(1) Set Rockford Fosgate Power T1652-s
more possibly? subject to change of course!

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