Electrical Installation for Dredging Vessels, Offshore and Work Boats


Dredging vessels
Dredging to the centimetre with a large and robust ship? This is possible thanks to eL-Tec’sinstallations. Our installations are smart, user-friendly and highly automated. Because of these and thanks to our well thought through designs, we can enable ships consuming lots of megawatts to still operate energy efficiently.

This industry is known for its high quality and bold designs. Think for example, of the offshore wind industry. It asks a lot of companies to innovate at such a level, making good, practical and sustainable ideas perfectly feasible. eL-Tec has the expertise and experience to support businesses with this.

Among other things, workboats are used in ports and with salvage operations. The demand for and availability of these types of support ships is increasing. And it’s obvious that mechanical problems in precisely this type of vessel can be disastrous. Hence, a reliable and knowledgeable partner like eL-Tec is indispensable.

eL-Tec Technology is your partner for electrical installations for Dredging vessels, Offshore and Workboats in the Netherlands and Vietnam.

eL-Tec verzorgt de elektrotechnische installaties van een schip. Zowel bij complete nieuwbouw als een verbouwing.

Met onze slimme en gebruikersvriendelijke installaties is het mogelijk om tot op de centimeter nauwkeurig te baggeren.

En dankzij de hoge mate van automatisering en onze doordachte ontwerpen is het mogelijk om schepen energiezuinig te laten werken.

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