Electric Water Heater Installation

Learn how to install an electric water heater with these step by step instructions. To install an electric water heater, you will need common plumbing tools, screwdrivers, a circuit tester or voltmeter, and pipe joint compound. If you have copper pipes, installation kits are available.

Make sure electrical power is off. Check the circuit for power. Let the hot water run until cool. Drain the water heater. Disconnect the electrical wires. Remove the discharge pipe.
Connect hot and cold lines to the correct fittings. If soldering, solder the pipe to an adapter first, then connect the adapter to the water heater using pipe joint compound. Add a thermal expansion tank to the cold water line.

Attach the discharge pipe to the temperature and pressure release valve. Never cap or plug the discharge pipe.Turn the cold water supply valve on and fill the tank. Open the hot water faucet and let the hot water run full for 3 minutes. Check the water pressure. Check for leaks. Check the wiring. Connect the power wires. Connect the ground wire to the green ground screw.

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