Electric Showers: “How to install T80Z Fast-Fit and replace Mira Sport” video from Triton Showers

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A short video showing how to Install the T80Z Fast-Fit and replace the Mira Sport.

If you’ve ever struggled to replace an electric shower due to pipe and cable positions, then the T80Z Fast Fit is the shower for you.

It has 8 water entry points; top, back, bottom and side entry on the left, and the same on the right.

And 6 electric entry points; top, back and bottom on the left and the same again on the right. This makes it a hassle free, fast fit every time.

It’s ideal for new installations and perfect for replacing most existing showers.

Providing the existing electric supply complies with the relevant safety regulations, and the water supply is adequate, you can fit a T80Z Fast Fit with the same kilowatt rating as the old shower, in no time at all.

Let’s see just how quick and easy it is to replace a typical (Mira Sport) installation with the T80Z Fast Fit…

First make sure that the electric and water supplies are isolated.

Now unscrew and remove the cover.
Test to check that the electric supply is isolated before detaching the service tunnel.

Here the water enters the unit from the rear on the left and the electric enters from the top left.

Disconnect the supply cable.

Then disconnect the water supply.

Remove the wall fixing screws and remove the shower from the wall.

Now for the T80Z Fast Fit.

Take off the bottom trim plate and fit the top right pipe entry trim only. In this case there is no need to cut out for cable on the left as the trunking is in line with the pipe entry trim.

Water connection is required on the left, so the Swivel Water Inlet does not need to be adjusted.

Electric connection is required on the left; the Swing Fit Terminal is supplied assembled in this position; so no adjustment is required.

Turn the elbow clockwise through 90 degrees to match the inlet on the T80Z Fast Fit.

Locate the inlet fitting onto the water supply.
It’s a perfect match; the new shower covers the existing fixing holes.

Check the back plate is level and mark the new wall fixing points.

Next remove the unit and drill and plug any new holes.

Fit a nut and olive to the water Inlet.

Place the unit back on the wall and connect it to the water supply.

Then screw the back plate to the wall.

Fully tighten the water connection, and turn on the water to check for leaks.

Connect the supply cable to the terminal blocks making sure that the connections are fully tightened.

Now fit the bottom trim plate.

Clip the power indicator light into the front cover.
And make sure that the controls are correctly aligned.

Fit the cover and secure it with the 3 fixing screws.

Finally, connect the hose to the unit, turn on the electric supply and commission the shower on a cold setting….

….now there’s just the shower kit to replace.

If you haven’t already done so, remove the old kit from the wall.

In some cases you can use the existing fixing holes
for the new shower kit.

Start by fitting the top fixing plate to the preferred height, using the existing hole if possible, then slide the bracket onto it.

Now fit the showerhead holder, the soap dish and the hose retainer on to the rail.

Fit the bottom bracket and fixing plate onto the rail, and align with the holes in the rail. Secure with the long screw.

Next, guide the rail into the top bracket. The rail can be adjusted; in this case to line up with the original fixing hole. There may be times when a new fixing point is needed.

Now screw the bracket to the wall.

Fit the top…and the bottom trims, feed the shower hose through the hose retainer, fit the showerhead to the hose and finally place it in the showerhead holder.

Triton Showers – http://www.tritonshowers.com

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