2006 Mustang V6 250 Shot Nitrous Electrical Installation Part 3

Oh Geez, youre already at this point huh? youre almost there. everything ive shown you will help you get on the road with this stuff as fast as possible with out going to fast for understanding. This is realistically how youre going to get your 2006 mustang V6 on the road with this stuff. whilst everyone with the kit thats been willing to show a run has never shown how to hook it up. well here it is and at least with this kit you wont have to pay for installation, because its pretty frackin easy and i dont belive anyone should have to be charged just to have it installed.

If you Stall after first run and cant get it started then check your spark plugs, check for fuel leaks, check for nitrous leaks!

Do not take what i say as fact. I am not responsible for any death n stuff you cause yourself and others. Remember, death is bad for your health!

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